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Best Business Opportunities For 2004

For the past few months, your Small Business Information Guide, has extensively researched the best business opportunities for the new year. This year's top small business opportunities cover 8 different markets from the sport compact performance market and music therapy to foot care and data storage.

These best business opportunities represent markets at an early age with huge profit potential to businesses with established markets and lower customer education costs. This year's picks outlines each business opportunity along with the driving forces, associated risks of entering that particular business and resource websites.

Selecting a business opportunity is part timing. Being in the right place at the right time in a booming industry can ease the start-up pains accompanying the launch of a new venture.

So take a peek at what's hot in business today.

Business Opportunity: Organic Industry Sales Keep Sprouting

Signs of a strong business opportunity are industries where growth occurs consistently year after year. One such industry is the organic food business, which has experienced 20% growth per year for the last decade according to the Organic Trade Association. From its hippie hey-days, organics have gone mainstream reaching $23 U.S. billion worldwide (Organic Monitor 2003).

Proof of this hot business opportunity is the natural organic retailer, Whole Foods Market. CEO, John Mackay, was recently named the 2003 Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Whole Foods Market had sales of $2.7 billion in 2002, Mackay has parlayed his initial investment of $45,000 into a sizable return.

Opportunities abound in this industry from exporting/importing and growing - to consulting and niche markets such as organic baby products. Earth Mama Angel Baby provides natural pregnancy and baby care products to this growing organic market. Melinda Olson of Earth Mama Angel Baby attributes her success to "the growing public interest and education about the value of organic wellness. If ever there is a time when a woman scrutinizes the purity of what goes into and on her body, it's when she's nurturing a new life."

Driving Force: Driven by the health & wellness craze organics meets the need for natural food products to enhance health. An aging baby boomer market desiring greater health and longevity provides long-term growth to the organic business.

Risks: Business opportunities that have already experienced long-term growth have their share of established businesses and plenty of competition. Instead of taking on established companies like Whole Foods Market, niche players like Earth Mama Angel Baby, have taken the right approach to market entry.

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