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Business Buying

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. One way to reduce your risk is to buy an existing business that's already demonstrated an ability to successfully operate (hopefully at a profit). That confidence does come at a price, though, as you'll generally spend far more to buy a business than to start one from scratch. If you've got the funds, though, it's an excellent option.

Buying a Business: The Safer Alternative
While there are no guarantees in business and the risks must always be managed, buying an established business clearly offers significant advantages worth considering if you want to own your own business. In order to buy the right business or franchise, you need to investigate its historical performance, operations, current status, staff and management, competition, industry and its future potential, all of which is so much easier to do with an existing business.

Twelve Laws of the Business Buying
Russell L. Brown
: I've worked with many business sellers and many more potential business buyers over the years and let me tell you; it's never easy getting a deal accomplished! I strongly believe and firmly advocate that the absolutely best way for an entrepreneur to successfully get into business, or expand what they already have, is buy an existing profitable company. But there are many obstacles and pitfalls along the way that must be overcome. It really is a jungle out there!

Finding the right business to buy
So you're thinking of buying a profitable operating small business. Well, congratulations! Small business ownership and its operation can be one of the most financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating pursuits that you can follow in life. However, the actual process of purchasing an operating business is an extremely challenging and complicated undertaking and you'll want to be as fully prepared as you can be.

Getting Into Business: Don't Start It! Buy It!!
Many of us have felt the entrepreneurial pull of running our own business at one time or another. The allure of being your own boss can be really strong, and no wonder. Small business ownership and its operation has proven to be one of the most financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating pursuits that you can follow in your working life. And, you have the opportunity to be a master of your own financial destiny.

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