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Achieve Operational Excellence through Finance Accounting and Tax Outsourcing

Business Process outsourcing is driving a business transformation spanning all industry sectors and finance and accounting outsourcing is emerging as a dominant process in the recent years. Accounting outsourcing enables to protect core employer base and take advantage of specialized services. From recording transactions to financial reporting to control and risk management, it is no longer limited to transaction management but full fledged F&A process outsourcing. Cost savings is the major driving force and goes from 50% to 60%, the industry has realized that F&A outsourcing is indeed about much more than pure cost savings. The other benefits are finance efficiency, process excellence, access to specialized team, 24/7 information access, control mechanisms are strengthened, and so on. Improved and organized accounting helps handle business growth and explore new avenues.

The biggest value from outsourcing is increasing customer value, shareholder value and business value. When it comes to handling your accounting function, its all about accuracy, confidentiality, faster turnaround, finance efficiency and cost savings. ExcellenceTech, accounting firm based in India manages the accounting outsourcing services by combining the extensive accounting knowledge and experience and state-of-the-art technologies. ExcellenceTech caters to CPA firms and business enterprises and manages all the functions from transaction processing to reconciliation management, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, general ledger accounting, cash flow analysis to full finance health flow analysis. Outsourcing solutions includes individual tax returns, corporate tax returns, Partnership tax returns, Fiduciary Tax returns. The process flow is very simple and executed in a very secured environment as confidentiality of client's information is very critical to the company and all the measures are in place from software/hardware firewall, 24/7 monitoring, strict access controls, limited use of internet and paperless environment.

Take advantage of the business results that outsourcing can bring to you. Anil Kariwala is a CPA from state of Colorado and heads ExcellenceTech, the accounting firm in India and has expertise in finance, accounting and tax return preparation services. To know more accounting outsourcing and bookkeeping and tax outsourcing visit www.excellencetech.com or call toll free number 800-315-7647 reachable 24x7. Name: Excellence Tech Kariwala Towers J 1-5, Salt Lake Block -EP, Sector- V Calcutta 700091, WB India Phone: +1-800-315 7647 Email: et@submit9.com

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