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Difference between Lawyers and Attorneys

Law as a Career The thrill of being part of the justice delivered is what acts as a stimulant to most lawyers. This should be the drive for students wanting to pursue a career in law. Becoming a lawyer serves the dual purpose of securing yourself financially and at the same time provides a chance to serve the community. Choosing law as a profession is a good option for people who have good linguistic and oratorical skills.

Students entering into the profession of law must first perform an extensive search on what lawyers do, without the knowledge of which they may become disenchanted and frustrated with studying law. If you dislike exhaustive work or are terrified about speaking in front of an audience then law is definitely not your piece of cake. Unfortunately the general perception of an attorney at law is largely influenced by television and movies. This often projects a glamorous image, and barely scratches the surface of the work that is done. The amount of work done and number of hours put in by a lawyer are taxing and stressful to say the least. They often put in long hours of work even during week-ends.

What do lawyers do? They basically apply common sense and their knowledge of the law to solve problems of all magnitudes. There are different types of lawyers. Litigating lawyers argue a wide range of cases ranging from matters of constitution, criminal law, property matters and family laws.

There are other lawyers who work in law firms, they mostly act as facilitators. Things like corporate mergers or foreign investment are handled by them. The stressful schedule of a lawyer starts from day one of law school, teachers insist on hours of preparation for each class. Students must take notes on the cases they study, apply this knowledge to hypothetical situations in classrooms and sharpen their ability by trying to find solutions for real life cases, on doing which they being successful. Law school is tough and demanding, but it is this rigorous training that turns good students in to good lawyers or attorneys. When law schools take students into their institutions they consider among others the following things: 1.

ISAT score 2. major 3. college 4. activities in college 5. letters of recommendation 6. GPA in under graduation 7.

family background 8. State of residence, Etc. The key factor that influences law school selection is the major. Therefore it is necessary to choose one that gives importance to reading, writing, oral skills and reasoning. You can choose any of the following career options after graduating from the law school as a lawyer or attorney at law: 1. Corporate counselor 2.

litigation lawyer 3. working in a law firm 4. social wok 5. becoming a part of the legal academia One of the most lucrative options is joining a Chicago commercial real estate attorney firm. A successful example from real life is Dan Fajerstein who is a Chicago real estate attorney. Dan Fajerstein has been a Chicago real estate attorney from the year 1991 and has been handling cases on the north shore and great chicagoland.

He is also the author on many important publications on real estate matters.

Eustathios Edel is the author of this article on Real Estate Lawyer for Residential and Commercial Cases. Find more information about Real Estate Lawyer for Chicago and Northshore Area here.

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