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Costa Rica Travel Info Rich Coast and Plush Land

Costa Rica is quite possibly the most vibrant, rich, and beautiful real estate on this earth. The land, though developed in some areas with more and more development emerging every day, is highly protected by the Costa Rica government. Why? Because Costa Rica's ecosystem is unlike any other in the world; there are thousands of unique animal and plant life species indigenous to the nation. Just reviewing the different varieties of plant life in Costa Rica could take days, weeks even.

At last check, there were about 10,000 species of plant life either speckled throughout Costa Rica or concentrated in one of the many ecological systems of the diverse nation. I mean, a fern is a fern to me?and probably you too?but did you know that there are 800+ species of fern in Costa Rica alone? And Orchids. Did you know that there are 1200 types of those too? Well there are, and all of them can be found in Costa Rica.

Kind of puts the riches of Costa Rica plant life in perspective, doesn't it? Costa Rica is able to maintain such an array of plant life because of it's varied climates, which create the many ecological systems that work in harmony across the nation. Costa Rica is literally the one location in the world where you can find cloud forests, rainforests, dry forests, jungles, swamps, mountains, valleys, volcanoes wetlands and mangroves in a concentrated area no larger than the size of Virginia! Traveling across the country is an amazing sight to see and an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, this combination of Costa Rica's unique plant life and ever-changing terrain certainly are what provide the nation with it's many priceless views. Costa Rica's incomparable land and plant life has made the nation increasingly popular over the last 10 years; so much so, in fact, that their government now earns more than 50% of the nation's income from tourism and is currently experiencing a major boom in Costa Rica real estate investment.

Though Costa Rican officials are interested in strengthening the nation's economy by providing more land for development in tourist and non-tourist areas, officials have resisted the temptation to allow all of the nation's precious real estate to be sold. Instead, they're resolved to protect it. As a result, more than 25% of the Costa Rica's land?including, but not limited to all of the ecologically diverse regions?is completely protected. by David Lovendahl, Developing Paradise.

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