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Are You Committing The Same Mistake Most Network Marketers Make

Now that you have signed on the dotted line to start an MLM Business, how does really it work? You signed an independent distributorship contract that says you are licensed to market the company's products or services and you are also licensed to build a distribution channel of marketers to bring those products or services to the consumer market place. This contract explicitly says that you are not an employee to the company. You do not derive a salary, benefits, or any other compensation other than what you are entitled to as more products or services are sold. Your compensation is directly proportionately to your ability to move products/services on behalf of your provider MLM company.

The problem is that most of us are trained to think in terms of being employees as opposed to thinking as business owners. MLM companies understand that it is easier to train people to be employees than entrepreneurs because that is what we are taught to become in our early years of adulthood. So most people still continue to have an employee mindset even though they are now full fledge independent MLM business owners. There is a mindset that you as a network marketer distributor needs to have if you are to become a successful start up MLM home business owner. You must treat your mlm business as your own enterprise or company separate from your provider MLM company.

When you signed those papers from your company, you became an Independent Representative. You have been asked to conduct your business in a manner that is in alignment with the company's policy. While the company implements these policies, at the same time, it treats you as if you were an employee. The training, tools, and techniques to promote company's products and/or services are made available to YOU to guarantee the success of the company's business first and foremost and not necessarily your own success.

Regardless of where you are in your business: just started or have a large organization; this mindset should carry you and help you avoid the traps and save you money. Most importantly use this mindset to guide yourself as you run your business. Ask yourself, if I spend this money what is my return on my investment? Do not allow yourself be moved by the hype and the emotions. Do not let an upline leader entice you to spend your money if the rationale behind his/her line of thinking is not there. I am not saying that you should not bet for the company's success, on the contrary you should. What I am saying is that you should treat your network marketing business as your own company, just the same way as your provider company treats its business.

Your actions should be guided by this principle. Ask yourself. If my provider ever goes out of business, would I still be in business or would I be out of business, too? If you run your business as your own, you should be able to use another provider's services or products without any interruptions to your customers.

You should always thrive for that. This is the concept of independence, become the CEO of your own distribution company. When you realize this concept, you can begin to see holes in many techniques used in network marketing. They're just not designed to benefit your distribution channel company.

However, they are designed to benefit your provider company or your upline leaders. Take a look at marketing to your friends and family for instance. How can you build a business when you are taught to market to a handful of consumers who by the way might or might not have any interests in your products or services to start with? What happens after you run out of your warm market, what then? Do you see the hole in that thought? In conclusion, as a business owner you should work your business like any other business even a network marketing business, guide your actions as a CEO of your own distribution company, so that your own company benefits the most.

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