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Chicago Real Estate Urban Suburban Upscale or Vibrant There is Something for Everyone

Are you looking for Chicago real estate? You have lots of choices to suit your style and budget. So you want to buy real estate in or around the city of Chicago? You will be happy to know that here are lots of options for real estate in Chicagoland, from old established neighborhoods to newly revitalized areas. North Central Chicago real estate includes Old Town: City condos and townhouses and some three story single family homes, Wicker Park/Ukranian Village: New and old multi-story, single family homes, some in the historic district, North Ravenswood: Large single family homes 4-6 bedrooms, most are two story, some are new construction.

Near South Chicago real estate features neighborhoods like Hyde Park: Large townhouses, condos and co-ops, and single family homes along the boulevard, Little Village: Condos and duplexes, a few single family homes and even some raw land, Bridgeport: Condos, townhouses, a few duplexes and some single family homes, and Back-of-the-Yards: Two and three story single family homes in older neighborhoods, a duplex here and there and some raw land. In South Chicago real estate you'll find Gresham: 2-4 bedroom single family homes in established neighborhoods, Hamilton Park: Lots of brand new duplexes, a lot of raw land and a few very large old mansions, Marquette Park: Duplexes, two story older homes and single family homes with 2-4 bedrooms, and Calumet Heights: Some duplexes, small single family homes and some raw land. North West Chicago real estate includes Portage Park: Duplexes, single family homes and two story brick homes in established neighborhoods, Austin: Single family homes, townhouses and some homes built in the 80s and 90s on larger pieces of property, Old Norwood: Lots of new construction and some older English style construction single family homes, and Belmont Heights: where you can buy raw land or single family homes in old, established neighborhoods.

The Chicago real estate market includes a lot of old, established neighborhoods and some very fine historic districts. Newer neighborhoods or real estate in areas that are being revitalized include a lot of condominium, and townhouse construction. And there is new raw land on the market for construction as well! The old Chicago duplex market is still there as are the single family, two and three story homes of old. Chicago real estate is a mix of great family neighborhoods, young singles neighborhoods, high-income neighborhoods and more casual environs. In short, no matter what your lifestyle, your budget or your square footage needs, the Chicago real estate market is smoking hot, and it has something for everyone!.

Do you want to buy real estate in or around the city of Chicago? Find out everything you need to know about Chicago real estate by visiting our web site: Chicago Real Estate

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