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Ebay Store Tracking Tools

Unless you know where you have been, you won't know where you are going. Once you have opened a store on eBay, you need to make use of the tracking tools that eBay provides for your use. Ebay will provide you with reports that will tell you many things that you need to know to make your store as profitable as you can possibly make it. These reports will contain information about each page, as well as, your custom pages, custom category pages and search results when your customers use your search feature.

http://oneclickezeebizz.com/index.htm The reports will tell you about every item that you have listed whether it is listed as a Buy Now, auction or store inventory item. The reports will contain other information about your site and the pages included. The traffic reports that eBay provides store owners are an invaluable tool. They give real-time reporting on page views for each of your listings, store pages and keywords used by buyers to get to your listings.

The store inventory sales feature can save store owners a lot of money in advertising costs. When you sell using the store inventory feature, you are not paying for advertising each item. The store inventory sales feature only costs two cents per month. Additionally, by using the store inventory sales feature you are eligible to use the gallery feature for only one cent per month.

Featured and anchor store sellers can also do path analysis. Path analysis tracking shows how your visitors are moving around within your store. “Bid” and “Buy It Now” tracking helps you optimize your store for bidders and buyers. http://oneclickezeebizz.

com/index.htm By using all of the tracking tools that eBay provides you when you own a store, you can analyze and then tweak your store to make as much money as is possible. http://oneclickezeebizz.com/index.htm Thank you, http://oneclickezeebizz.


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