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El Centro Real Estate Disproves Bubble Theory

Economists have been predicting a real estate "bubble" for the last year. These experts suggest that states like California and Arizona where real estate prices have been increasing at record rates - are destined for a real estate turn around. They have been predicting that prices would quickly begin to decline. But if real estate sales in El Centro are any indications, there is no real estate bubble. In fact, sales in El Centro, much like the national real estate sales, have remained stable. Some homes may be on the market for slightly longer than they were a year ago, but there is still a consistent demand for homes.

Why is the real estate market stability so important? Well, a lot of people have been trying to keep their eye on the market to determine whether to buy now, wait and see if the real estate prices begin to fall, or whether they should be concerned about the investment potential of owning a home. If the prediction of the bubble had been accurate, buyers could have waited for the market to "burst." Theoretically, there would have been some great deals on real estate.

On the other hand, if the bubble burst had happened, all those people that had purchased homes in the last few years would have lost considerable money. If they'd been forced to sell their home they may not have been able to recoup their original home price, let along make any money off the sale. Fortunately, the predictions of the bubble seem to be way off base.

This is great news for all the buyers that purchased homes in the last year- they can stop feeling anxious about their home purchase. But even more important, it gives prospective home buyers important clues in the decision making process. Because home prices seem to be stable, there's never been a better time to purchase a home in El Centro. The market has been quite stable. Homes aren't increasing in value at the frenetic pace they were a few years ago.

Instead, you can take the time to find a home you like, without feeling pressured to buy a home that may be unsuitable. Purchasing real estate in El Centro is a great way to invest your money and save for your future. With a strong market, and no bubbles in sight, you can expect your home to steadily increase in value - earning you valuable equity for your future.

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