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Experts Watch San Antonio Real Estate Closely

Local real estate experts are keeping their eyes on the San Antonio real estate market ? and conditions are definitely showing signs of improvement. There are currently about 4.71 months of new home inventory on the market right now, and in comparison to other cities which are struggling to decrease inventory, San Antonio is doing quite well.

As new home inventory decreases, so do builder incentives. With less than five months of new home inventory available, buyers should look to take advantage of the incentives while they still can. Is It A Buyer Or A Sellers Market? Regarding San Antonio real estate, this question comes down to the value or cost of the home. If the property is $175,000 or below, the market favors the seller.

If the home or property for sale exceeds $175,000, the market favors the buyer. Experts say that now is the time to buy due to low interest rates being offered between 6.25% ? 6.50%. It would be considered a mistake for interest rates to drop any lower at this point.

Benefits of San Antonio Real Estate The prices of homes for sale in San Antonio are low! The median home price in the area is only $150,800. The economy in San Antonio is quite stable however, and job growth is in a favorable state. With new employers setting up shop in San Antonio such as Toyota's Tundra Truck Plant, The National Security Agency's Satellite Center, Microsoft, Rackspace and The TPC San Antonio Golf Resort, high-paying jobs are not in short supply. Purchasing San Antonio real estate would definitely be considered a good investment. With an ideal climate considered to be a cross between Florida and Arizona, it is surprising that more house hunters haven't considered the purchase of homes for sale in San Antonio.

Also, San Antonio is the eight largest city in the nation. Getting to Know San Antonio Real Estate Best known for the number one tourist attraction in the nation, San Antonio is home to the Alamo. San Antonio is the place where Mexico and the United States meet and where the cultures of both places intertwine. The city of San Antonio is culturally fascinating and is very historical in nature. The King William Historic Area is twenty-five blocks that in the 1800's served as an exclusive residential district. There are shopping areas and outdoor markets that resemble those in Mexico such as El Mercado.

Another attraction in San Antonio, the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, offers visitors and residents the chance to experience all of Texas' unique landscape. There is a tropical house, desert house, and fern room, among others. The area has an extremely reasonable cost of living compared to other U.S.

cities and San Antonio real estate costs about thirty percent less than the national average. With all of these benefits ? a strong economy, an excellent choice of real estate in a good housing market, rich history, and a wonderful cultural diversity that few cities can offer ? San Antonio makes a wonderful place to call home.

As specialists in the San Antonio real estate, San Antonio commercial real estate, and Dallas condos markets, VIP Realty offers in-depth market analysis and updated news.

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