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Mastering Automated Lead Generation For Online Network Marketing

Automated lead generation to a network marketer seems exactly the sort of thing the internet is designed for. It may be that at one time gathering cheap high quality leads with a few ads and forms was easy, but no longer. Lead generation requires diligence and in most cases, spending, to get the large numbers of prospects marketers need to build their businesses. Its no surprise that many network marketers and direct sales pros turn to lead brokers to provide a steady stream of leads. The price may be high however, or the leads may be generated with deceptive ads placed in the wrong places for your business.

Incentivized leads are among the worst: these people have been promised a free Ipod or something else in exchange for contact information. Finding business builders in this group could be a lot of work. Using automated lead generation strategies to generate your own, high quality leads is clearly the way to get the freshest, most exclusive leads who actually know something about you or your business. That being said, some lead vendors provide opportunity specific leads for particular businesses, particularly weight loss and wellness industry products.

I consulted with one gentleman who was buying TV lead lists and complaining that he wasn't getting business builders. These prospects were costing him $15 or so each, and while he was getting a lot of signups, after a year of doing this he still found himself pounding the phones daily. Clearly, there was something a little awry with the TV leads campaign. This is a case where outsourcing lead generation clearly wasn't working. It makes sense for any serious marketer to have some proficiency at automated lead generation.

While some high quality leads can be purchased, the best leads are always self-generated and expecting your call. Automating the lead generating process requires the marketer become proficient at placing online ads that drive targeted traffic to a lead capture or "splash" page. This page should have compelling content which encourages the right kind of prospect to give some contact information. Keep in mind that the content of your ads has everything to do with who visits your lead capture pages. An ad that says ,"no investment needed," is unlikely to attract serious individuals with money to bankroll a new business. While you might get a lot of leads with this ad, most of them will definitely be flat broke.

An ad that says ,"$4k investment positions serious people to earn $100k plus annually," is much more likely to produce a smaller, but more qualified stream of prospects for your business. Most serious marketers only wish to speak with qualified prospects who have some capital. This type of lead, even if its more costly to generate, is clearly desirable. Running ads which direct potential prospects to splash pages is the most basic, most easily targeted way og generating your own leads. I use it all the time, and as long as the cost per lead is reasonable I keep the campaigns active.

However there is a more sophisticated level of online lead generation which involves recruiting potential leads into an email list by offering free information or online tools. Look for more information in my future article ,"Advanced Strategies For Automated Lead Generation,".

Loren Woirhaye runs an informational website dedicated to assisting networkers in devleloping long-term, low-cost automated marketing strategies which educate and upgrade potential business associates.

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